Today is a weird ass day.

On some level for me, it’s the opening of the LARPgate, but that doesn’t really make sense to any of you. My only hold on it is that it’s a Reality Augmentation Game. If you’re even familiar with the concept, it’s likely in the form of Pokémon Go, not even the level of its predecessor Ingress, and you’re likely to think of it as an ARG(Augmented Reality Game).

Augmented Reality!

Things are inverting though, so I’m looking ahead. For our understandings to Venn, I’ll point to the recent events at the Capitol. If you haven’t heard anything, a group of livestreaming LARPers and those programmed with the next iteration of News(QAnon) enacted one of the largest plays to hit mainstream media.

the key to the double inversion which transforms the fall of death into resurrection — Jonathan Pageau

I also know that it will fully launch on “Talk Like a Pirate Day” this year. Some of us are starting to play early, though. For us, things have already fallen that far to pieces.

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Grizwald Grim

Grizwald Grim

This guy blogs, tweets, and posts on G+

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