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If I could choose only one thing that I could do better, I would choose gratitude.

I think I have the inversion of gratitude as well as reverence, but maybe not in that order. I affectionally refer to it as ‘the Mark of Cain.’ Cain was mythologically (at least), one of the first Jews. The God of the Jews totally like the Obedient first born more, because he was obedient (obviously). He made the best sacrifices, the fattened calf and whatnot. Cain though, he was like — first, I have to make sacrifices to you, because my mommy convinced my daddy to eat an apple? Then, you think the sacrifices I make are crap?

Secret Hobo Message

And the God of the Jews, he was all, like — Hey, you fed that cat. You let that pussy inside. Quit fucking up, bro!

Anyway. I could do gratitude better, because I’m all like — why even live when humans can either crawl into the internet, or go be Amish. I mean, we’re not building cities at the coastlines in Arizona or exploring the ocean. I don’t really like it here much. It’s not like they said in the brochure! I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK WITH MANAGEMENT (who I understand to still be the Pharaoh).

In the next six months, I would like to learn more about how the Agencies on the internet in the information war conduct their operations. I know they muddy the waters, and spread poo-poo info in with the good dirt. Like that Wilcock guy. He totally talks about how the Clintons plane-crashed people and that the Veight of the investigation was lost in an explosion, and then mixes it in with totally legit alien autopsy stuff. All that Clinton nonsense, really gets in the way of the facts.

I also understand they have gatekeepers, who talk about a lot of things but never very deep and there are certain subjects they avoid like the plague. It’s all about controlling where the public points its attention, in our panopticon of constant surveillance.

I’m launching this fancy Reality Augmentation Game on Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, and one of the things you can do to play is LARP as a guy, LARPing as a guy, who is one of the misinfo or gatekeeper fellows. I figure if we do it better than they do, they’ll have to up their game.

I would prefer not to be incarcerated or to learn this thing, over the next 6 months, though means I find unpleasant at all. I fell as though I should specify that, here at this time. ;)

With regard to my smoking, alcohol and drug use, I would like to improve my habits in the following ways.

I would like to purchase my cannabinoidal medication(if not grow it myself) from a Sativa strain purist, who does not cross-breed because it allows you to grow a higher quantity of saleable cannabis. Not everything is improved by diversity. Kek.

With regard to my smoking of the nicotine… I think I should probably switch to patches. I don’t know if that’s an improvement in the habit, and what I fill the oral fixation with could be a worse thing. It also maybe the nicotine and tar, catch all the virii particles that would otherwise have my mutating due to the Crown Virus launched by the helicopter sacrifice of some basketball guy.

I have seen way too many lives destroyed by alcohol up close to tangle with it on the regular, but I’d like to grab a pint of gin and let that me out. He’s a special caliber of asshole. Frankly, I admire his work.

An idealized social life is something I’ve actually put a great deal of thought into, as people are weighty and difficult for me to handle without extensive protective protocols and persona permutations. The latter of those, are remarkably inhibiting and restrictive, but I’m most often willing to pay that tax as I find nothing quite so uncannily disquieting as being a misunderstood mystery miser.

In a loosely fictionalized version of the Lodge fictionalized in one of the 88 top movies of all time, The Edge, with Sir Anthony Hopkins (they did knight him, right?), I serve as conversational experience attraction to an interesting assortment of me-seekers.

That, but let them be coming there as volunteer research subjects, strapping in to a proprietary softwared EEG-rig to add their pattern to the brain bank; DEL-PHI. For a nominal fee corporate queries of ad effectiveness fund pattern promulgation proposition exploration, the Queried DEL-PHI mind built of a diffusion aggregate graph of pattern processings added to the …

Anyway, one season people with great conversations inside them come to me for something. Another season requires I feed the wanderer and explore what variety remains in our subsuming monoculture of lowest common denominator gross domestic product. What lands are left outside the massive growths of the cities, where are the Philosopher Kings are building their fiefdoms(?).

I guess that leaves two seasons. With school starting in the fall… cognitus intrusive insight derail

Wow, how different and symbolic school starting in the fall appears to this me.

I’d ideally have one season for consulting, though there’s no reason that wouldn’t also be the travel excuse. Solving other people’s problems, turning this mind on something other than purposeless prevarication in the grasping-for-a-lightswitch sway of the addiction gyre.

Addiction as Gyre. I hadn’t consume-considered the correlation until this nexus. The resonance of unfillable void and churning, the downward spiral when one is so spun as to confuse deeper for out.

This guy blogs, tweets, and posts on G+

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Grizwald Grim

Grizwald Grim

This guy blogs, tweets, and posts on G+

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