It was still very dark.

In the quiet still of the pre-dawn morning, Sesha balked at the warmth beneath her hands while shivering against the cold in the open aired hut. As if in response to her shiver, or worse, because of it, a warm gush of blood surged around…

Welcome to Life.

You’re seeing a contrast
of luminosity and its lack
arranged in familiar patterns
recognized as referent
of patterns of sound vibrations
that reference complexes of abstractions
that unfold within your mind
and establish a resonant rhythm
with perchance a feeling conveyed
of having stood beneath
the same…

Papa Sesh-Hat

So, I come here with some thoughts which can certainly be interpreted as a question. I presume that in evoking the term “Sun God,” your mind will at least be in the ball park of “there were cultures that worshipped the Sun.”

Given our mainstream model of the Universe and…

So, there I was, dreaming of writing you this letter. Except, I wasn’t asleep. I was trying to sleep. HOWEVER! …

I am trying to launch this thing, the Alien Salience Project. The premise is pretty straightforward, explain your take on life on Earth in a manner someone from a drastically foreign culture might find useful.

To be fair, it’s a trap. The perspective filter I’m asking people to don overtop…

It started early for me, for by the time I remember remembering things, I was already being raised differently. A statistical variation, so common as to be ignored this far into the fall, raised by a grandma without a husband.

Just a dab of backstory to say that my sense…

..and conspiracy theories are the “honeypot” used to ensnare them. You’re abusive dirtbags for your micro-agression mockeries, and you know it. …

It’s interesting how rituals can so innocuously begin. All the action has to do is seem to work. This is the story of how Technae was given new life by the ritualized transfer of breath from humanity’s children.

/ht GQ & WATM

The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground…

Fourth Tuesday, 2021

The cat woke me. I think there was a good 3 hours, the just prior to that having been spent eagerly watching the fresh-drop stats roll in for the stream-ripped-YT video. …

Grizwald Grim

This guy blogs, tweets, and posts on G+

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