Greetings from my Cell

If I tell you it’s an Android do I get sympathy, revulsion, ambivalence or comraderie? What flares up in you?
what’s the frequency Kenneth?

I’m a ghost leaving digital footprints on a time/space called 'Medium' (pace)

A 'platform' with the audacity to recommend “How to Suck-seed…


I can’t get text above the photo on my damn phone.

I was just thinking about firing up the win7 machine and hopping onto the Hive blog to request (once again) the Agency Standard Smart Phone, so I know which to upgrade to.

Ended up thinking I was on my way to do a substack write-up and I’d tell you…

I was a teen once, and I had a friend. His dad was dying. We were longhairs, Guns & Roses and Metallica types. His dad calligraphied the lyrics to Fade to Black out of his love for his son. It was kind of surreal.

I’ve been playing on YouTube again…

It was still very dark.

In the quiet still of the pre-dawn morning, Sesha balked at the warmth beneath her hands while shivering against the cold in the open aired hut. As if in response to her shiver, or worse, because of it, a warm gush of blood surged around…

Welcome to Life.

You’re seeing a contrast
of luminosity and its lack
arranged in familiar patterns
recognized as referent
of patterns of sound vibrations
that reference complexes of abstractions
that unfold within your mind
and establish a resonant rhythm
with perchance a feeling conveyed
of having stood beneath
the same…

I am trying to launch this thing, the Alien Salience Project. The premise is pretty straightforward, explain your take on life on Earth in a manner someone from a drastically foreign culture might find useful.

To be fair, it’s a trap. The perspective filter I’m asking people to don overtop…

Grizwald Grim

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